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Anonymous 11/16/21(Tue)08:44:28 No. fx-KX1R94BG [Report]


Anonymous 11/22/21(Mon)04:49:41 No. 9DFTSFE5 [Report] >>fx-22OZGC7R

>>fx-KX1R94BG (OP) no it isn't,,,,,

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Anonymous 11/22/21(Mon)22:03:22 No. fx-22OZGC7R [Report]

>>9DFTSFE5 stfu and get in the spirit, anon

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Ong's Hat Anonymous 11/09/21(Tue)17:26:36 No. fx-4MA4KX0I [Report]

<insert your favorite yt front-end here>/watch?v=uHkn0CWWfBk What really happened, /x/?

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General spooky story thread Anonymous 09/28/21(Tue)09:11:12 No. WWPKN6S9 [Report]

Okay here goes >be me, 17 at the time >home alone >mom said she'd come home 2 days later >gaming in the evening >got bored of gaming, decide to hit the bed >close my squeeky-ass door >laying in bed, almost sleeping >see door handle move, even hear is squeel like it always does >door opens ever so slightly, handle still pulled down >think mom came home early and is checking whether i'm asleep already "i'm awake still, how come you're home?" >silence >door closes with a faint squeeking sound >handle is let go of slowly, as if to avoid making a sound >get up >check her bedroom >empty >check living room >empty >the whole fucking house is empty >get back to bed >shiver

Anonymous 10/09/21(Sat)04:37:32 No. A1KIYJQ4 [Report]

>>WWPKN6S9 (OP) Do you believe in ghosts?

Anonymous 10/10/21(Sun)16:18:08 No. fx-GDEWPQZ3 [Report]

>>WWPKN6S9 (OP) Similar story >lying in bed one night >sharing a bunk bed with step sister on the top >~1am chilling on my phone >the door knob on my door starts to jitter >slowly at first >eventually is fucking shaking >all of a sudden it stops >the door slowly begins to creak open all the way >im sitting terrified watching this all happen >no one is outside in the hallway >no footsteps to be heard >i think my step sister is asleep so i just force myself to sleep i asked her about it the next morning she says she saw it happen to. That terrified the SHIT out of me. Still scares me to think about it to this day.

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Anonymous 07/16/21(Fri)21:51:18 No. fx-WEBZMXJW [Report]

i hear people calling my name sometimes even when nobody's there. pretty scary.

Anonymous 07/17/21(Sat)05:48:38 No. fx-QP1XTHWJ [Report]

>>fx-WEBZMXJW (OP) same

Anonymous 07/26/21(Mon)03:07:26 No. fx-GDMBRL3A [Report]

>>fx-WEBZMXJW (OP) I've heard that before sounds totally real swear to god, but doesn't ever end up with anything

Anonymous 10/10/21(Sun)16:14:56 No. fx-96WU6PRY [Report]

>>fx-WEBZMXJW (OP) haven't we all? i feel like this is pretty normal. Still spooky though

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Anonymous 07/28/21(Wed)03:58:42 No. fx-RYJTPJV9 [Report]

why would god allow this to happen

Anonymous 08/03/21(Tue)19:17:54 No. fx-CE4BVREG [Report] >>DJ77XRBQ

>>fx-RYJTPJV9 (OP) god's a good cunt, best thing he ever did

Anonymous 09/02/21(Thu)07:29:12 No. DJ77XRBQ [Report]

>>fx-CE4BVREG alright who invited the sniveling cassidoid punce shit off take this thread down

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Graphene oxyde in Covid vaccines Anonymous 08/11/21(Wed)11:35:44 No. fx-MGWXOPVK [Report]

There is graphene oxyde in Covid vaccines. This substance is a poison, it makes you sick, and it also is possible to connect it, when inside your body, to the 5G. Here are some links: https://odysee.com/@ExcaliburTraduction:4/Poison-Vax-Covid-Ex-Employ%C3%A9e-Pfizer-Wl-1:f? https://odysee.com/@letablierblanc:4/06-Loxyde-de-graph%C3%A8ne---Dr-Jane-Ruby:8?

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Anonymous 07/05/21(Mon)15:29:27 No. fx-L6MJ5ZK7 [Report]

Crow smoking a cigarette. The mysteries of nature may never be understood.

Anonymous 07/09/21(Fri)10:14:55 No. fx-Z2ZH6OQ3 [Report] >>fx-R2UU8M4M

>>fx-L6MJ5ZK7 (OP) how can he inhale the smok if he doesn't have lips?

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Anonymous 07/16/21(Fri)20:41:09 No. fx-R2UU8M4M [Report]

>>fx-Z2ZH6OQ3 Birds have special organs for that. As a bonus, they can smoke at both the inhale and the exhale

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First Connor hagerman 07/02/21(Fri)21:47:20 No. fx-F5202E6G [Report]


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Anonymous 07/09/21(Fri)10:15:50 No. fx-90ALA09V [Report]


Anonymous 07/09/21(Fri)10:16:36 No. fx-FYMAYMAQ [Report]

>>fx-F5202E6G (OP) Oh wait the ghosts are just having a rave it's nbd they just want to dance and move their ghostly bodies to the rhythm


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