What is fchan?

fchan, short for FChannel, is a federated image board based on ActivityPub, a protocol which allows social sites like social media and image boards to be decentralized. Boards across sites which are on the opposite sides of the Globe can be connected and feeds can be shared or followed. It pulls likeness from other chans for ease of familiarity and use.

You can get the source code on https://github.com/FChannel0 which is available under AGPLv3, which means that you can modify the source code of fchan however you like as long as you share your source code with everyone else. We appreciate and encourage any positive contributions to the source code!

What are the "Options" used for when posting?

The "Options" field can be used for special options when posting.

What is a "tripcode"?

A tripcode is a way to uniquely identify yourself on an imageboard. This is the closest you will get to registering. There are two kinds of tripcodes that can identify yourself with, however, it's recommended that you use secure tripcodes only if you take your identification number seriously.

How do I quote?

Use the greater-than symbol (>) to quote strings of text. Use double (>>) followed by the URL id of the post you are referencing or click on the unique ID of the post (for example, FIDV40Q2) if you want to reference a post (keep in mind that this will be changed later for better use).

Click the "No." next to the post to view its thread.

What kind of files can I upload?

The maximum file size is 7 MiB (mebibyte). The supported file types are:

Why use JavaScript?

A version of the frontend with no JavaScript will be made eventually. Current version requires it as it is needed for some basic functionality. There are no external libraries used by the frontend, just basic selection of DOM elements and modifying their styling. Perhaps (You) could contribute a frontend that uses no JavaScript?

Why do the posts not have sequential ID numbers?

Sequential ID numbers have run their course, random base36 is better.

ActivityPub specific examples


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